Emily Dynes is an award winning Australian filmmaker who specialises in directing and composing for the screen.



E M I L Y  D Y N E S

FILMMAKER & Composer

Emily Dynes is a Melbourne based filmmaker who specialises in directing and composing. Her graduate short film ‘St Elmo’ had it’s world premiere at the Melbourne International Film Festival 2016 where she was selected to participate in MIFF’s prestigious Accelerator program; an intensive platform for emerging Australian directors. Emily’s work has been awarded multiple accolades, both on the local and international film festival circuit and often features her in the dual role of director and composer. She was recently nominated as Young Australian Filmmaker of the Year at the Byron Bay International Film Festival, was a finalist for My Queer Career at Mardi Gras 2017 and is currently featured in St Kilda Film Festival’s Top 100 program as an awards finalist for her short film ‘To The Sea.’ She is currently a 2019 finalist for Frankie Magazine’s ‘Good Stuff’ awards for her role in directing the music video ‘Hurt Nobody’ by folk duo Oh Pep. Emily is inspired by authentic and diverse Australian stories, and is excited about getting female and non-binary filmmakers behind the camera.